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Good morning everyone,
In this morning’s edition, we will introduce you to the European Champagnat class that worked and carried out creative work on Pop Art.

First of all, what’s Pop Art ?
Once upon a time, an artist-painter named Andy Warhol (1928-1987) created an artistic style that he called Pop Art. He will become know for his Pop Art works by Marylin Monroe and Campbell’s soup cans. Pop Art is a style of art that combines colors and creativity. It’s a very original, joyful and creative art technique, but it’s not realistic. Pop Art multiplies an image and only uses primary colors.

Presentation of the European class
We will now briefly introduce you to the European 4th grade class of Champagnat.
The European class is a class where English is the dominant language. We have 5 hours of English and some common subjects are in English.

Our work
We worked on Pop Art with Mrs Maurer, our English teacher, and we implemented it with Mrs Degert, our plastic art teacher. This work also contributed to our final task in English where we had to present our work as well as our mental and physical description.

The material and steps
To realize this project, we needed a portrait photo of ourselves in A3 format, brushes, very colorful paints and a colored paper for the background. We had at our disposal red, pink, purple, yellow, blue and orange paint. We received these colors because they are very bright and match well together.
We were allowed a maximum of 4 colors, and then we did this work based on Andy Warhol’s work.

Our opinions
We conducted a survey within the class to define the percentage of people who liked doing the work or not. In conclusion, 40% of students liked doing this work and 60% didn’t like.

By Fadèla MAZOUZI, Sofia FERHANI, Léonie JOLIVET, Léo BASS and Achille MARCHAL

The Pop-Art, a colourful art

The works are exposed in the lobby at School of Champagnat. The portraits was realised by the pupils of the European Section (4°F). They are inspired by Andy Warhol and his famous Pop-art. This art is a popular and commercial art. It mixes colours and forms.

The pupils worked in two subjects : English and Art.

In English, they did a vail of search on different artists like Roy Liechtenstein, Andy Warhol...They had to do a thorough study of Pop-art.

In Art, they reproduced Andy Warhol's way of self-portrait. They had to use only three colours but they could choose their way to paint their portraits with do a make off topic.

Then, they had to present it to the class.

By Eymeric, Cyan and Théo : NNI (No Name Island).


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