School trips

Each year, at Champagnat, school trips are organized all around the  European Continent. During the trips, the biggest cities are visited, like Paris, London, Venice…
 I) Paris :
In Paris, classes visited some monuments like:
-         The Eiffel Tower
-         The “Citée de la science”
-         The “Louvre”
-         “Les Champs Elysées”
-         The “musée Grévin”
Here is a group in Paris (2013-2014) :
 Some photos of the trip to Paris :
 II) London :
In London, the pupils who went to this destination stayed with host families. During this trip, they visited many monuments like Hyde Park, the Museum of London, the National Gallery, St Paul’s Cathedral…
A photo of the group who visited London (2013-2014) :
 A photo in front of Big Ben :
 Conclusion :
We have presented to you some educational trips at Champagnat. Of course there are more trips than those presented like: Scotland, Sicilie, Berlin, Venice, and more…