Champagnat IssenheimHello! My school is Institution Champagnat in Issenheim (Alsace), 1 rue St Marcellin Champagnat. It’s an independent Catholic school. This school is a primary school and a comprehensive school. Champagnat was founded in 1946 by the Marist Brothers and is named after Marcellin Champagnat.

I am in this school, so I can talk about it: at school, there are about 1400 students. The youngest pupils are 5 and the oldest are 15 years old. The school is open from twenty past eight to six o’clock. We have no school on Wednesday afternoons! At Champagnat there are multi-faith students but the school is Catholic. We can go to school by bus, by car, by bicycle or on foot. 17 buses come every day.


At Champagnat, there are rules and a dress code. The pupils don’t like the dress code because it’s very strict, but it is very important for a good school! We needn’t wear a uniform, but we must be decently dressed, so we can’t have a plunging neckline or a tube top. We mustn’t have excessive make-up: it’s vulgar and provocative! We mustn’t use our cellphone or a knife in class. We mustn’t wear very low jeans. We mustn’t smoke. We mustn’t go to school barefoot. It’s also forbidden to eat in class or chew gum. At Champagnat, you cannot hug our teachers!


At school, we also study! J

Pupil 1:  “My favourite subject is Maths. I enjoy this subject. I study Maths on Mondays at twenty past eleven, on Thursdays at twenty-five to three and on Fridays at twenty past eight. I enjoy English and History. I have English on Fridays at quarter past nine. My least favourite subject is Physics. This subject is boring!”

Présentation de ChampagnatPupil 2: “My favourite subject is Maths and my least favourite subject is German. I like Fridays but I don’t love Mondays. I have Maths four times a week and I have German three times a week. On Mondays, I have Maths at twenty past eleven, I have Maths at twenty past eight AM on Tuesdays.”

Pupil 3: “My favourite subject is Maths and my least favourite is German because we have a strict teacher and we have a lot of bad marks. We have German on Mondays from twenty-five past ten to twenty past eleven, on Tuesdays from twenty past eleven to a quarter past twelve and on Thursdays from twenty-five past ten to twenty past eleven. Champagnat is a very good school”

  And you, what’s your favourite subject?

Where is your school?

What is your least favourite subject?

 Océane, Hira, Enza, Elisa,

Arthur, Chiara, Lucie, Alexis, Mara